Will it damage a magazine to keep it loaded? (2024)

Will it damage a magazine to keep it loaded?

The truth is that compression and expansion cycles wear springs out, like the repeated filling then emptying of a magazine. This is your magazine after being constantly loaded

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and unloaded. Think of it like a paperclip; if you bend it back and forth enough, it will eventually break.

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Is it bad to keep magazines fully loaded?

When using quality magazines with quality ammunition, stored and maintained properly, you can leave them loaded as long as you want to without any reservation.

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What happens if you overload a magazine?

As you load more rounds, the spring is compressed more and the pressure will make it increasingly more difficult to get rounds into the magazine.

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Can I keep loaded magazines in my gun safe?

Some have trouble deciding if magazines should be stored with ammo in them. Most magazines, however, can withstand being loaded for extended periods of time. Some gun owners often keep their magazines loaded so they will be ready to go.

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Does keeping a magazine loaded weaken the spring?

When left loaded to full capacity and not used, most magazines will very slowly lose some amount of spring tension over time. Unfortunately, it's impossible to say with any certainty just how long it will take before the spring loses enough tension to start causing issues.

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Does leaving a gun loaded damage it?

Technically speaking, unloading and reloading your gun isn't bad for the handgun itself. However, repeatedly loading and unloading the same exact round can potentially become problematic over time. It's best to rotate your rounds and make sure the reloaded ones are fired off on a regular basis.

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Should magazines be stored full or empty?

Springs, when fully compressed, can take a set over time and Magazine Springs are no different. So, long term, Empty is probably best. However for long term storage WITH rounds in them, storing them 2/3-3/4 full is better than leaving their springs all the way compressed.

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Should I throw out my magazines?

Not all old magazines can go in the recycling bin, even if they are printed on clay-coated paper. Stained magazines should go to the landfill instead of the recycling center. If you've used your old magazines to protect your floor while painting or to line the bottom of the cat litter, toss it in the garbage.

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Is it worth carrying an extra magazine?

Having a spare magazine at your disposal theoretically allows you to “return into the fight,” provided you can diagnose your pistol's malfunction type and swap magazines while under stress. Additionally, carrying spare magazines on your weak side acts as a counterweight to your defensive gun on your strong side.

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Do high capacity magazines jam?

There's a reason militaries stick to 30 round mags - they're the most reliable for their performance. Spring tension in larger magazines can cause frequent jams if not meticulously maintained.

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How many magazines should I keep loaded?

You should carry at least 2 magazines for concealed carrying; one in your gun and a spare. If your carry gun has a low capacity (less than 10 rounds total, including one in the chamber), consider carrying 3 or even 4 magazines instead, as you may run out of ammo very quickly otherwise.

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How do you keep magazines in good condition?

Wrap individual magazines in protective materials. Seal magazines in archival plastic bags, or a similar protective case. Put in a box designed for paper, and separate with cardboard. Put in another secure box and prepare for storage.

Will it damage a magazine to keep it loaded? (2024)

Is it good to keep old magazines?

1. Old Magazines. Get rid of old magazines you have lying around, because chances are you aren't going to read them again. Find places where you can donate your magazines to such as child care centers, doctor's offices, nail salons, nursing homes, and libraries.


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