Reddit new account shadowbanned? (2024)

Why is my new account shadowbanned on Reddit?

If you go on a self-promotion spree and share the same link on multiple subreddits at once, your account could get shadowbanned. As a workaround, you could try sharing posts at brief time intervals. Moreover, do not share off-topic links to subreddits.

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Why am I shadowbanned on a new account?

Why does Instagram shadowban? Shadowbanning allows Instagram to filter out accounts that don't comply with their terms. Some people use inauthentic measures to expand their Instagram following, like buying followers or using hundreds of hashtags that are irrelevant to their content.

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Should I make a new account if shadowbanned?

You don't need to start a new account. You can try and get the ban lifted by correcting your mistakes and ensure compliance with Instagram's rules.


How long do you stay shadowbanned on Reddit?

A bot will respond, letting you know if you're shadowbanned. Even if you're not, the bot will tell you which posts of yours have been removed recently (if any.) If you are shadowbanned, there's no telling how long it might last, unfortunately. Give it a few days, but you may need to create a new account.


How is Reddit banning my new accounts?

Reddit has detected your IP address and thus suspending account once you have made it. To avoid getting permanently ban on Reddit, you are strongly advised to use Reddit Proxies. Because Reddit proxies will provide you a new IP address.

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Why does my new Reddit account keep getting suspended?

Accounts may be permanently suspended for violating the content policy or if they are compromised and unable to be securely recovered. At the time of suspension, you will receive a private message informing you of the reason.

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How to remove shadowban Reddit?

You're shadowbanned. The only thing that you can do is to message the admins using your shadowbanned account and patiently wait for a response. Politely ask them why you were shadowbanned. They don't always respond to the first message so be mildly persistent but don't message them more than once a day.

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How do I appeal a shadowban on Reddit?

  1. Message Admins asking why you were shadowbanned (politely)
  2. Use post/messages/comments in question to prove innocence.
  3. Keep messaging the Admins, no more than once a day.

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How do I reset shadowban?

How to Remove Shadowban on Instagram
  1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.
  2. From there, go to Settings.
  3. Next, tap Security.
  4. Lastly, tap Apps and Websites.
  5. Revoke access to any third-party app.
May 23, 2023

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Should I post while shadowbanned?

Stop posting new content

Don't post fresh content until you figure out why you were shadowbanned. Your account may get suspended, or worse, get permanently banned. Remember, one of the biggest reasons for shadowbanning is violations of community standards.

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Will I get shadowbanned if I post too much?

Some users have also claimed that they've been shadowbanned for commenting on too many posts or following too many people within an hour. Using banned hashtags. While Instagram hasn't released an official list, here's a blog post with certain hashtags to avoid. Using a hashtag that receives a sudden surge of activity.

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Should you still post when shadowbanned?

If you have been on the receiving side of a ban, consider just taking a break from your accounts for a while. You don't have to stop posting, liking or sharing posts forever. Even if your account is the lifeline of your business, if you suspect a ban, step away for a few days.

Reddit new account shadowbanned? (2024)

Am I shadow banned on Reddit?

If you've been shadowbanned, the easiest way to find out is to check if your last post was visible to anyone else on Reddit. If you haven't posted in a while, create a new Reddit post. Before hitting send, make sure that your post doesn't have unnecessary links and is relevant to the topic.

How long to wait for Shadow ban?

You should delete content that goes against the rules and community guidelines laid down by TikTok. After deleting inappropriate content, you have to wait for at least two weeks to get the shadowban lifted. You can refresh your device once in a while to check if you have finally managed to lift the ban.

How long does Reddit suspension last?

Permanent suspensions are indefinite.

How do I fix Shadowban on Reddit?

You can appeal the ban, and if approved your presence will immediately be restored. The people responsible for shadow bans are a smaller group called Reddit admins. This group has the same abilities as moderators, but can also remove moderators, suspend users, and place shadow bans.

How do I fix shadowbanned account?

Key steps to get unshadowbanned on Instagram:
  1. Remove the post that triggered the shadowban.
  2. Delete recent posts with hashtags to ensure they aren't causing the issue.
  3. Take a break from posting for a few days to let the shadowban lift.
  4. Review and improve your hashtag usage to avoid future issues.
May 23, 2023

How long do shadowbans last?

How Long Does a Shadow Ban Last? According to creators who've been shadow banned, a TikTok shadow ban typically lasts around two weeks.

Why is Reddit banning my accounts?

Reddit can ban users (or moderators, for that matter) due to two reasons: Content Policy violation or suspicious activity.

Is Reddit shadowban permanent?

Suspensions can be permanent or temporary, with users told how long they won't be able to post to Reddit (most bans will last about three to five days).


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